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Caffè Borbone prides itself in providing superb quality with a consistent balance of acidity, aroma and body. There are innumerable words that coffee lovers use to describe a coffee’s flavor: chocolaty, earthy, fruity, bright or delicate. Ours is simply the best.



We are a family owned and run company with three generations of coffee roasting experience. The last 17 years have been devoted into producing espresso pods, espresso capsules and now King Cups. We are the leaders in the production of single serve portions and are committed to bringing the consumer an experience that is unparalleled. Like wine, coffee has its own vocabulary and its staunch and dedicated followers so sit back and enjoy our unique coffee.


Relax and sit back! Indulge in the home-made quality of Borbone King Cups, a blend of flavors from exquisite bean selections in Colombia, St. Domingo, Brazil, Africa and India. We have a full range of flavors from hazelnut to decaffeinated blends to please all palates.


Offices and households around the country are now using single serve cups, due to the convenience and the variety of choices. In addition to several coffee blends and flavors, consumers can enjoy their favorite tea and hot chocolate beverages in single-cup servings.

Caffe Borbone has decided to produce King Cups, simply to continue our success in single-serve coffee. 

Our espresso pods are known for their traditional taste and high quality, making them our most popular product. Our customers can expect the same results for our King Cups. We are bringing our knowledge and passion for coffee manufacturing to the single serve cup industry. Borbone King Cups are Kosher-certified and are currently available in six blends, which we plan on increasing in the next few years. We are very excited to be a part of this market, and we want to share it with coffee lovers everywhere. Get your Borbone King Cups today!


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